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Quick and accurate turnaround on investigations is key to successful investigations!

Diverse Approach

Why investigate in the traditional manner? Our success is based on a diverse investigative approach.

Professional Team

Our team consists of experts in their respective fields with many years of experience and a wide range of case types investigated.

Expert Advice

We can assist you in identifying the correct approach to your investigation requirements with a client base spanning multiple industries

Result Based

We pride ourselves on the high level of success we achieve for our clients. Our successful case prosecutions speak for itself.

What we offer

We offer a wide range of services to the market that include the following key areas:


Criminal, Civil, Forensic, Fraud, Specialist, Accident, Insurance, Medical and more...


Physical, Static, Electronic, Covert & Counter Surveillance

Close Protection

Executive Protection, Executive Support & Assess in Transit Protection

Undercover Agents

Standard Level, High Level & Strategic Level Agents.

Technical Surveillance & Counter Measures

Covert Cameras, Covert Audio, Technical Surveillance, Data Analysis thought software, Cyber Forensic Analysis, cellphone location tracking & Cellphone Usage history.


Lifestyle Audits, Profiling Audits, Business Profiling, Strategic Audits on Business, Fingerprint screening, Financial Audits, Employee Background Screening.

Legal Watch & Brief

We draw up a summary with a synopsis of the facts of a legal case for the benefit of the party conducting the case in court. The watching brief implies that a case is observed without active participation in it.

Transcripts / Translations

Transcribing record audio and/or visual material, Translating African languages to Afrikaans or English.

Security Vulnerability Assessment

We conduct security vulnerability assessments to identify, quantify and prioritise or rank the vulnerabilities in systems such as technology systems, energy or water supply systems, transportation or communication systems.

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Stompie Ferreira

Expert Team

Stompie Profile

Stompie Ferreira

Profiler / Investigator

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

International Association of Financial Crimes Investigator (IAFCI)

Dominique Profile

Dominique Stapelberg

Profiler / Investigator

Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)

International Association of Financial Crimes Investigator (IAFCI)

Our Company

Bringing to the table more than 30 years experience with a very diversified range of cases, services and solutions for our wide range of clients and their industries.

Confidentiality, Integrity
and Honesty ...

Client Testimonials

Viv Brandon Supply Chain Manager (Retired)

I have used Ferlio Investigators for several years in the past. I have always found them to provide exceptional service. Their commitment to ensuring that their customers needs are met in every way with integrity, discretion and confidentiality is exemplary. I highly recommend their services.

Anonymous Law industry

I have been working with Ferlio and its team now for the past 14 years and have never been disappointed with the service levels, effort, skills and speed at which they operate. I would recommend them any day to assist others in the fight against crime.

Anonymous Pharmaceutical Industry

I have dealt with Ferlio group of investigators for a number of years and have requested on numerous occasions for them to do tracking and tracing, either individual or business related. I have never experienced a no help attitude from any one of his staff. He also supplied me with undercover agents in different capacities and their reporting is from the best I ever experienced, valuable and usable.

Anonymous Logistics Industry

Ferlio is a company that understands the logistics industry, associated challenges and required mitigations & solutions. Ferlio have always dealt with request in a most professional manner and always applies confidentiality to the highest level. Ferlio has access to various & very reliable recourse to ensure correct and verified feedback supplied.

Anonymous Mining Industry

Having worked with Ferlio Group of Investigators for some 8 years now, I have found that the commitment to professional service offering is commendable. Their support and timely advice is held in high regard.

Adv. George Barnes (FP), SA CFCI

I have worked with Mr Stompie Ferreira on several cases and found him to be passionate, honest and knowledgeable. I will never hesitate to recommend Mr Stompie Ferreira.

Oakley Group Management

It is a privilege to confirm that Ferlio Group of Investigators is rendering a professional investigating and screening service to the Oakley Group of companies with distinction over the last decade. The 24/7 availability of senior and support staff renders then unique and reliable in a very volatile environment. The Management of Oakley Group trust that the relationship will continue for years to come

Anonymous Electrical Manufacturing

Ferlio has assisted greatly from where we started with a suspicion up to where we finally got rid of the bad apples in our business. We extended our horizons on other problem areas with similar success. Our eyes were opened. They are efficient, cost effective and excel every time in their deliverables. They are truly a professional team and are always easily reachable. Thank you Ferlio, together we will go a long way.

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